Saptagiri Saral Housing Loan Scheme

  • For purchase or construction or additional construction of house or flat for those who have "regular income sources but do not have documentary proof."
Age of applicant
  • Entry age is 18 years and exit age is 70 years
  • Sufficient to meet repayment obligation and savings
  • Monthly income + 60% of future rentals
Loan amount
  • Max.   10 lakhs
  • Cost of Dwelling Unit:   20 lakhs
Purchase / Construction of House
  • Metro:  35 Lakhs (Overall cost 45 Lakhs)
  • Others:  25 Lakhs (Overall cost 30 Lakhs)
  • 50%
Rate of Interest
Please refer to Loan Interest Rates Page
Period of Loan
  • 10 years including holiday period
  • EMI / In case of agricultural income Half-yearly and yearly/Annual instalments can also be considered.
Take home pay
  • 40% (need not observe 40% norm if leftover income after EMI is > 20,000/-)
  • Site and house property financed
Security Coverage
  • 200%
Mortgage charges
  • NIL
Processing charges
  • 1.00% + GST
How to Apply
  • Please contact nearest Saptagiri Grameena Bank Branch for more details
Designed by Yaswanth Gupta Bondada & Raghav Vellore