Who can hire a locker ?
  • Lockers may be hired in the names of individuals (single hirers).
  • Two or more individuals (Joint Hirers).
  • Illiterates, individually or jointly with a literate/illiterate person.
  • A locker is operated by double lock system, the first key to be used being the MASTER KEY which is in the bank's possession and the second key being the HIRER'S KEY to be kept by the Hirer.
  • Locker operations will be allowed in business hours only.
  • Less rent compared to other banks.
  • Nomination facility available.
Locker Rent
  • The rent of the lockers is fixed from time to time depending upon the size of the locker (small size, medium size and large size) and also considering the area where the branch is situated (Rural,Semi urban &Urban Area).
  • Please refer Service charges link on home page of our banks website.
How to apply ?
Please contact your nearest SGB branch for Locker application and further details.
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